The Friends of the UJC Cape Town was conceived with the aim of welcoming South Africans who live outside of Cape Town to local Jewish communal affairs. Most of these visitors gather here each summer to see family and friends, enjoy the beauty and facilities of the city and meet with other holidaymakers, many of whom have established homes in the city.

Jewish life in Cape Town offers unique and varied facilities to locals and visitors alike and Friends see the importance of investing in and supporting the community to safeguard its future existence. All contributions from the Friends of UJC go to the David Susman Community Foundation (Community Foundation).

Special mention must be made of the Friends of the UJC Cape Town’s magnanimous patrons whose extraordinary philanthropy has inspired others to support the Friends of the UJC Cape Town.


The proceeds of the Friends of the UJC Cape Town support the David Susman Community Foundation (Community Foundation). Should the community find itself not able to raise sufficient resources to maintain its critical institutions in any given year, the income from the Community Foundation will fund the shortfall. This Foundation is crucial to the sustainability of the Cape Town Jewish community as it is a protection against any future adversity that may befall the community.

A secondary purpose of the fund, as stated in its founding documents, is to fund innovative Jewish ventures. In certain instances, and subject to the approval of the Allocation Committee, a portion of the income from the Foundation might be used to fund entrepreneurial ventures for the Jewish Community of Cape Town.

In 12 years the Community Foundation has reached R80 million. Under the leadership of its trustees the funds have been invested so as to optimise positive growth and returns for this community.


The Lion of Judah was adopted by Keren Hayesod’s International Women’s Division as a symbol of the courage, strength, and impact of Jewish women, who are motivated by a sense of duty to the Jewish state and the Jewish community.

The Lion of Judah pin – a specially designed gold brooch – recognizes the efforts of prominent women who have distinguished themselves through their deep commitment to Israel and the Jewish people. It represents a proud sisterhood of leadership and strength, a standard of excellence and achievement for women who have advanced into new spheres of giving as they achieve greater economic success.