• 59 Million Rand Raised
  • 2191 Donations
  • 93 New Donors
  • 35 Beneficiaries

How We Help Our Community

We are the heartbeat of the community

The Backbone | The Benchmark | The Lifeblood

We fundraise collectively for the entire community to ensure

its health and vitality, to ensure its strength and its future

We Uplift | We Empower | We Inspire

Taking responsibility for our fellow man

Strengthening Jewish identity

Guaranteeing the ongoing sustainability of our community as a whole

We work to make it last | We work to make it thrive


    A thriving and prosperous Jewish community at the tip of Africa; strengthened by it's Jewish ethos of giving.

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    Ensuring the health and vitality of the Cape Town Jewish community through charitable giving and advocating responsibility for one another; uplifting, empowering and inspiring to guarantee the ongoing sustainability of the Jewish community – from cradle to grave, now and into the future.

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    Inclusive Jewish belonging. Preserving core Jewish values, family and community. Upholding individuality, professional transparency and accountability in everything that we do.

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We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

 - Winston Churchill

Annual Report 2018

Read Our Full Annual Report For 2018

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Ensuring the wellbeing, development and sustainability of the Cape Town Jewish Community.