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  • moishe-house

    Moishe House

    Moishe House Cape Town strives to provide a space where young adults can explore and construct ways in which Judaism is meaningful to them. They do this through mingling, singing, baking, Friday-Nighting, debating, chicken-soup-and-knaidel-making, learning, creating, dancing, volunteering, adventuring, etc. MHCT is a pluralist, open-minded and safe space.

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  • jewish-literary-festival

    Jewish Literary Festival

    The Jewish Literary Festival aims to be a platform to highlight authors, illustrators, journalists, poets, writers and educators with a Jewish connection or subject matter of Jewish interest. The auspicious event traverses multiple genres from food and fiction to politics, memoirs, academia, journalism and the arts.

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  • chabad-on-campus

    Chabad on Campus

    Chabad on Campus is a community for Jewish university students in Cape Town. The Samson Student House, by UCT lower campus, is the home of Chabad on Campus and offers a variety of year-round student services including Shabbat dinners, Shul services, social events, individual and group learning opportunities as well

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  • yeshiva-of-cape-town

    Yeshiva of Cape Town

    The Yeshiva of Cape Town is a kollel and yeshiva established in 1994. The Yeshiva’s ideology is Religious Zionist / Centrist Orthodox. The Bachurim (students) of the Yeshiva come from Israel for a period of 11 months, mainly from hesder yeshivot, to study the depth and breadth of Torah.

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  • mensch


    Mensch brings the Jewish community together, to create positive social change for all people of South Africa. Mensch aims to mobilise positive social activism, based on Jewish values, by creating and supporting a community of change-makers. They work to achieve this aim by empowering change makers, engaging the community and

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  • bnei-akiva

    Bnei Akiva

    Bnei Akiva: a passionately & unashamedly Zionist youth movement.  Their focus is on providing Jewish education, Israel education, & life-changing programmes & camps. The ideology: ‘Eretz Yisrael, Le’Am Yisrael, Al Pi Torah Yisrael’ (The Land of Israel, for the people of Israel according to the Torah of Israel).

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  • sinai-academy

    Sinai Academy

    Sinai Academy caters to pre and primary-schoolers and brings the best of Montessori, Reggio, Jewish and Child Centred methods of education together. The Sinai Academy is devoted to helping children learn socialization skills, building their self-confidence and teaching them the preliminary skills to explore and experience the world independently from

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  • limmud


    Limmud SA is a community of learning where South African Jews can learn and share ideas, regardless of their affiliations or levels of Jewish knowledge. Limmud makes accessible some of the world’s most dynamic Jewish educators, performers and teachers at annual conferences around the country.

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  • habonim-dror

    Habonim Dror

    Habonim Dror Southern Africa (HDSA) youth movement aims to educate Jewish youth on Zionism, Judaism and concerns of Humanity. Habonim offers ongoing events for its Chaverim, ranging from weekly meetings to mini-machanot over weekends to Israel tours and programmes.

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  • cso-ezra

    CSO / EZRA

    The CSO is a non-profit, volunteer organisation whose main mission is the protection of Jewish life and the Jewish way of life, as well as empowering the community to protect itself. The CSO provides both security services and medical emergency response services in the Western Cape.

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Ensuring the wellbeing, development and sustainability of the Cape Town Jewish Community.